Mentoring M..

This is me with M, the little girl I mentor once a week at my old elementary school.  We just read this book (highly recommended by the way; it’s wonderful) and we were making our own little paper quilts–very fun..I’ve been working with M for about 2 school years now, almost every week, and it just gets better and better.  We usually read a book or two together, and since it’s gotten warm we go outside and play on the playground, too.  Spanish is her first language, and sometimes I just have no idea what she’s saying.  And I still don’t think she knows my name.  But the kids in her class recognize me and call her when I come to the door, and when she sees me her face lights up and she comes running.  I understand that language, for sure.

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  1. wedontchoose

    Way too cute. How did you get set up with mentoring someone? That sounds pretty cool.

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