Inspiring me today..

-Friends who love to write
-Really good sale at Michael’s last night (I might actually knit something, if I can remember how)
-New music (<3 Josh Ritter–thanks, Whitney!)

Click the picture for notes on what’s in it.

Sidenote: Under the pic of me and mama is an email from my 15 year old sister: “check it out check it out!! yeah the exhibition was pretty great i saw dabriel the game should be pretty coll memaws comin 2morrow fer wesleys jv game yah yeah you be good 2 and have fun like mucho grande or me and abbey and corey willl have to come kidnapp you from that school with what you americans call studying and show you haw its done k?” Seriously, that’s exactly what she wrote.


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One response to “Inspiring me today..

  1. wedontchoose

    That picture of you and your mom is adorable. Oh, and Daniel writes in the same not-correct-at-all way. What is going on in these schools now? Well, leave it to me, Captain Language Arts to save the hopeless teenagers of the world from spelling errors and run-on sentences. Glad you liked J.R.

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