The Comfort Table

Soo..I was at Wal-Mart yesterday (never a good starting place for a story), and I saw this book.  And I looked through it, was intrigued, did the rest of my shopping.  Was way too early to go to my next destination, so I went back to look at the book again.  And somehow, it ended my in my buggy, and jumped in my car and came back with me.  Why, you ask?  Let’s see…

1.  This picture.  I want to be there right now.  And always.  It’s the first picture in the book (which is full of lovely photography, btw, which is worth the price), and it just completely won me over.  I could stop right here and say that’s why I bought the book.  But I won’t.

2.  How adorable is Katie Lee Joel?  I think she’s just so pretty.  Plus, her writing is very personable and engaging, like she’s talking to you as a friend..

3.  Katie Lee is from the South (with the capital S).  Which is reason enough, in my book, but it also means that when her book says it’s the comfort table, it means it.  I want to make almost everything in here, and I don’t like fancy food for the most part.  There are recipes for starters, soup, salad, entrees, bread, sides, desserts, drinks..I want to make these rolls

And this one.  Fiesta wontons.  According to KL, “They are like little fried tacos.”  Yes, please!  I was reading on notmartha the other day, and she said that the first time she had ever deep-fried something was when she made donuts.  I was stunned.  Does that mean she’s never used a Fry Daddy?  Does she even know what that is?  I bet KL does, although she probably doesn’t use one too often or she wouldn’t look like that.  (You can bake these if you don’t want to fry them..)

4.  She grew up in a small town with lots of family nearby.  But now she’s married to Billy Joel.  She calls herself a “hillbilly princess”..I think we would be friends.

5.  She is friends with Paula Deen.  Who wrote the foreword.  And said KL’s deviled eggs were the best she had ever tasted.  That’s THE Paula Deen, ya’ll, who is like way better than Martha Stewart if you’re from the South.

6.  I want to cook.  And since this is as close as I’ve gotten to cooking lately, I have to read about it instead.  But I want to cook and bake and throw dinner parties and barbeques and have my own house and such..Someday..This book is really going to come in handy.  And until then, I’ll look at all the pretty pictures and read the recipes and eat my animal crackers and dream about cooking…



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3 responses to “The Comfort Table

  1. wedontchoose

    “Soo..I was at Wal-Mart yesterday (never a good starting place for a story)” How true my friend.

    This book sounds like it would be fun to explore. Maybe this summer we can host a dinner party thing and you can try out some of the suggestions, you know, for practice before the day that you host them at your own house. I’m sure everyone would be down for something like that.

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