Through the Viewfinder

It started here.  Then I followed it here.  And now I am obsessed with the whole idea and desperately wanting to go thrifting to find my own little old camera to try it with.  I spent the moments waiting for Gossip Girl to load* browsing the flickr group and adding lots to my favorites.  I noticed as I was adding favorites that they are pretty much all nature-oriented..

*I missed the new episode of GG Monday night because I was at Bible study (There are not two more opposite things in the world.  Also, I think that if Beth Moore could get her hands on Blair Waldorf, she would totally straighten her out.   Just saying).  So anyway, last night I got on CW’s website to watch the new episode, and I found out that they aren’t showing full episodes online anymore because they want their ratings to go up.  I think that’s pretty dumb, especially since it’s really easy to find other websites that show the full episode, even if it’s 3×4″.


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