yesterday, today

Yesterday, I wasn’t sore, except for a little on the tailbone.  So I went to the gym and took it pretty easy.  20 minutes cardio, and I know I’m supposed to strength-train, so I tried some of the scary machines on the boy’s side (there was only 1 boy there, so it was ok).  I did one thing for my arms, then one for my abs, but it wasn’t too hard so I did it twice, cause my abs really need some work.  By this point, the boy was really in my way on all the machines I wanted, plus I’m a weakling, there’s no way I’m gonna be doing biceps curls with 35 lbs and I didn’t feel like doing hand weights by myself, so I left.  (End longest sentence ever).

Today, I woke up s-o-r-e.  Muscles I didn’t know I had.  Which is good, but bad.  But good.  So then I took 2 final exams, and now I’m going to get ready for my piano recital.  Trading in my tennis shoes for some wedge heels.  And man, am I ever tired.  Physically and mentally, but it’s all good, cause it’s almost summer!  Yay!

Here’s hoping this is coherent. 


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