God doesn’t want me to drink Dr. Pepper

This week, there’s a watercolor exhibit at the rec center next to where I mentor.  I saw an article about it in the Sunday paper and it looked pretty cool, so I went to see it this morning.  The lady who’s in charge was way excited and showed me around, told me all about it; I don’t think that many people have gone.  But it was totally worth it, because Marie Matthews is awesome.  Seriously, go to her website and look around.  I love the one on the main page.  If I had $300 I would buy one of her pieces.  Someday I want to collect art.

In other news, I get the klutz of the year award.  Last night, at Chick-fil-a College Night, I ordered a Dr. Pepper, but it ended up being some weird half DP/half fruit punch mix.  It was gross and weird, but I was wearing impossible wedge heels for my recital and didn’t want to go get a new one.  So today, I stopped in the student center to pick up some lunch, and decided I would try the DP thing again.  I have about $60 left on my id card I have to spend before, well, tomorrow, so I grabbed about 3 bags of chips and some medicine, too.  One of the packets of headache medicine fell off the top of my to-go box, and to pick it up I had to set down all the chips, bend over, yadda yadda, whatever, spilling Dr. Pepper all down my skirt, legs, and bags of chips.  Finally got everything pulled together, only to drop the meds again.  So my friend Joey walks by and picks it up for me, I manage to get through the line (still have about $40), and I head up to the room.  When I get up there, I’m balancing the box of food, a newspaper, and I have the drink and my keys.  But I only have two hands, so I tried to balance the drink on the box while I opened the door.  I think you see the disaster waiting to happen here.  Dr. Pepper cup bites the dust in the hall.  Or drenches the dust, rather.  Thankfully no one was out there and I mopped it up with a towel, but there’s still a huge splotch on the carpet.  And I get the message, God.  I’m drinking water!


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