Good times, sunshine, and summertime

For some reason, I really don’t feel like summer break is starting today at 3:30…I think there are several reasons..for one, I’m going to be taking a class for 6 weeks, and working 20-40 hours a week at the library..and there’s the teensy little fact that I’m taking another 2 week class, starting next Monday, in ITALY.  I know, right?  Italy.  I’ve never been on a plane before (except a little 2-passenger one); I’ve never been out of the country before; I’ve never spent this much time away from home before.  I’m excited, but I’m scared silly.  I know it’ll be fun, but I’m still a bundle of nerves..

There’ll probably be another post or two before I leave the country..We’ll see..And maybe it’ll feel more like summer break when we get back..



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