Hello, Loves

..and hello, poor, neglected little blog..I’ve been back for almost 2 weeks, and I don’t write, I don’t visit..All that will change, as this week I plan on getting my life in order (ok, that sounds like I’m about to die..)

Anyway, Italy was absolutely glorious..I’ll share some pictures later, since that’ll be way more interesting than what I’ve been doing, which is signing kids up for the summer reading program at the library for 40 hours a week..(Being a “grown-up” kinda stinks) (Although, when kids my own age come in with kids and “real” jobs and such, it makes me feel kinda weird working part-time and living at home..I just remind myself of what I’m working for)

This week holds:

-A concert (hopefully..my plans keep getting foiled, but I am going to see Josh Turner, if I have to go by myself!)

-Working out (three days last week–this week’s goal: 4)

-Reading (hopefully..and also sharing what I’ve been reading, because it’s been good)

-Cooking (I’ve challenged myself to make at least 1 recipe a week from that Katie Lee Joel cookbook I gushed about on here..this week’s goal: monkey bread)

-Making something (I am starving for some hand-sewn goodness, and I have an idea a-brewing)

Stay tuned…


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