Would you go with me?

Three of my friends decided that the Josh Turner concert would be a fair tradeoff for a night out late..Here’s how the evening went:

Yay, we made it!  I realized later that this was the farthest I’ve ever personally driven a car..Which is slightly sad if you think about it, as it is less than 2 hours away..

The aquarium as the sun sets..

And the storm rolls in..

45 minutes later (but worth every bit of the wait..)

Singing to his wife (who plays the keyboard)

And the current background on my computer..Thanks again for going, Whitney!

Not pictured: the silliness before and after..Notably, “pannieho” and the alien discussion; faux weather report videos, and dancing through the battlefield while running red lights..

For more Josh (because you can never have too much): www.joshturner.com    


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