Conversations, in which I tread thin ice..

This picture is from last Father’s Day, a year ago almost to the day..She really is that much taller than me; it’s probably a bigger gap by now..

Scene 1: One night last week, I walk by the open door of our office, where my 15 year-old sister is on the computer.

Me: What are you looking at?

S: Nothing.

Me: Whose myspace is that?

S: Nobody’s.

Me: Do you have a myspace? (The parentals, like most of their generation, disapprove of myspace)

S: No.

Me: I know you just lied to me on the 1st 2 questions, why would I believe you now?  Show me..

(16 year-old brother walks by.)

W: What are you doing?

S: He has one, too!!

W:  What? No I don’t..

(Sister locates brother at the end of her friends list.)

Scene 2: Last night, me on laptop on couch, the parentals sit down and I end up showing them how facebook works and how awesome the privacy settings are in protecting me, their precious firstborn.

Parent: How would you know if someone had a myspace?

Me: Well, I guess you would go to and type in their name..

(Under directions of the parents, I type in the sister’s name, and breath a inner sigh of relief when her page doesn’t come up..I am then instructed to type in her best friend’s name, and the name of a cousin, none of which bring up the people in question.  The brother’s name is not suggested, he is not suspected to be capable of such..I should add that they do not know that I have a blog, and I do not plan on telling them, especially as I now take the chance of outing my siblings’ little secrets as well..)


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  1. wedontchoose

    This is the funniest thing I have ever heard!! Daniel has a myspace and I am under the direction of the parents to periodically go on there and make sure he isn’t doing anything bad (or at least posting it) which he wouldn’t because he is not completely trusting of me and my parents. What a vicious circle.

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