Grapes in Stoneware

“Grapes in Stoneware”..Grapes just taste better in a bowl you made with your own two hands..And it’s the perfect size for breakfast or a snack..I could go for some right now..

I have all these thoughts in mind for three or four intellegent, thoughtful posts, but tonight my mind is just too tired to string words together eloquently, and I want pictures to go with them..So instead, here’s a list.

1.  New music from old friends.  Whitney has been converting me cd by cd to her music, which I am loving..Josh Ritter and Ryan Adams so far, I dunno what’s next, but I’m sure I’m going to like it.

2.  Good books that don’t challenge the short attention span I’ve had of late.  More on these next week.  Pretty much, all week I try to squeeze in a chapter or two a day, then over the weekend I read nonstop and finish about three books.  I’ve already read one today.

3.  My SanDisk MobilemateSD memory card reader that puts my pictures on my computer.  One of my favorite and most used technological gadgets.

4.  The new ring I bought from Blair.  I ordered it on Wednesday and got it this afternoon, and I love it.  (I want one of her charm bracelets sooo bad I can taste it..)  I’ll take a picture of the ring to post later..(My list of things to do later is getting longer and longer)

5.  The fact that I’m going to spend the night at my Memaw’s house tomorrow night..

6.  These dishes that I saw in a small-town store last weekend and loved and decided are going to be the dishes I have in my house someday..(And the cute pocketbooks that I saw there, too)

7.  See the picture, above.

And a couple of things I’m not so crazy about lately..

1.  This tomato thing.  I don’t usually eat tomatoes on things I order at restaurants, but I like having that option, ya know?  And I want to try making salsa, and tomatoes are pretty critical for that..

2.  I wish I had more time to read, practice piano, write, make stuff, hang out with my friends..But whatev.  The fact that these are the only two bad things I can think of right now (and put on the internet) makes me feel pretty good.


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