Geeking Out

Or, Summer Reading, Part Dos..

But first, let me tell you about this cool new website I learned about the class I’m taking this summer..It’s called Lexile, and it’s this database of a bazillion books, and you can search for a book and it tells you what reading level it is.  Actually, it gives you a number, and you compare it to the chart and see what grade level it is.  So cool.  Ha.  I am such a nerd.  And future teacher/librarian.

Now.  Onto the books.

9.  Savannah from Savannah by Denise Hildreth–This is the first in a trio of books about a girl named..Savannah..who lives in..Savannah..Savannah got on my nerves a little bit, but then I realized that we just have different personalities..

10.  Ciao, America! by Beppe Severgnini–It was neat getting an Italian’s perspective on America after being an American in Italy just a month ago..

11. Savannah Comes Undone by Denise Hildreth–Book two of the Savannah series..

12.  Savannah by the Sea by Denise Hildreth–My favorite of the Savannah books..I actually read this one sometime last year, then read it again..

13.  Do I Have to Paint You a Picture? by Nancy Rue–Oh.My.Goodness.  I adore the Flagpole Girls series by Nancy Rue.  I’ve had the first three books for years, and read them over.andover.andover. again.  This is the fourth book, and it’s the most intense, but I absolutely loved it.  Sadly, they’re out of print, but I’m going to buy them all used eventually.  Sigh, love.

14.  What a Girl Wants by Kristin Billerbeck–This is Christian chick lit.  And I liked it.  Granted, I dropped it like a hot potato to read no 13 one afternoon, but I came back.  And I checked out what I thought was the sequel from the library, but it was actually the third one, and somewhere between the two, major changes happened, so I took it back.

I’ve been really reading ADD this summer.  I’ve started soo many books and just lost interest, which is not like me, but whatever.  I just read what I’m in the mood to read.  Which, apparently, has been Christian chick lit here lately.  Sometimes you just need to not have to think too hard, ya know? 

What are you reading?

(I’ve decided that I am going to knit this quilt.  I have been obsessed with it for approximately 48 hours, when I first saw it..) 

**These pictures, except for my feet, are from my scrapbook of words and pictures that inspire me..There are lots of pictures of what my future house is going to look like (I also have a real, live picture of my future house–it doesn’t know it’s going to be my house yet..I’ll show you later..)


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2 responses to “Geeking Out

  1. I cannot tell you how I laughed out loud at the picture of your feet and painted toenails. I might have to shoot one of those for my blog. But more than that I can’t thank you enough for sharing my Savannah series with your readers. I never take that for granted and just wanted to stop by and say thank you.
    Denise Hildreth

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