My Future House

Isn’t it lovely?  Okay, so it’s not so lovely yet, but it will be.  There are only a couple of problems with it.

1.  It’s not mine.  Minor setback.

2.  It’s altogether likely that the only thing keeping it together is the swarm of termites holding hands.

3.  It’s right on the highway, which messes with my lovely little dream of riding my bike down a country back-road (see picture, below, from the inspiration book).  However, there are a plethora of country back roads within riding distance.  And I actually saw a guy riding his bike past it on my way home from my grandma’s house.  So that is easily overcome.  As are the other dilemmas, although they require a lot more money.

I was really nervous taking that picture up there, cause I had to pull up into the driveway, which makes this nice, semi-circular loop back to the road.  I passed it the first time I went by, staring as I always do, then cranked up the Ryan Adams song that was playing on my ipod and turned around..When I pulled in, I actually turned the music down, like anyone was there to hear it.  Still, I felt like I was trepassing.  Which, I suppose, technically I was.



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2 responses to “My Future House

  1. Kristina

    Ooooh! I love it!

  2. Whitney

    Oh please, please live here!! Think of the hosting you could do! Then we would finally have that dinner party for all of our friends…and I think I need to know more about this inspiration book…sounds like a really cool idea. Love.
    Oh, and I totally read who you were listening to…ahhh, music.

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