Drooling on the keyboard..

Over these shoes and this dress..how cute would this outfit be?!  This is a “see a Shakespeare play in New York or London” outfit..Although this outfit probably costs more than a trip to New York or London..

Okay, I have a question for the universe here..Why is it that no matter what size I am, that is the size that the store doesn’t have.  Example:  Last Friday I was at the Gap looking at pants.  They were having a pretty good sale on these pants that were available in about 6 different colors, and I went all.the.way. down the rack..there was not one pair in my size.  Seriously.  Annoying. 

Also, when did regular length jeans get to be too long?  I used to not be able to find pants long enough, now they’re all too long..I think I found some jeans that’ll work, and I got paid yesterday, so maybe I’ll go back and get them..

Okay, rant over.  Look at these cute dishes!

Alice!  Ack, how adorable!!!  The bookworm in me LOVES these..

I love this spotted cup as well..

And I want to eat a sandwich off of this..

And drink out of this..

And eat ice cream and granola out of these..The ice cream in the pastels, the granola in the brown..

All of this with these candle holders..

I love, love, love dishes..but the way I love dishes, I am probably going to have the most random, mismatched (read: eclectic) collection around..I don’t care.  I like matching sets, too..

I also like art..this piece caught my eye in a magazine; I think I’m going to try to recreate it…

So that’s what I’m loving this weekend; what’s inspiring you?

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One response to “Drooling on the keyboard..

  1. Kristina

    LOVE, Love, love the Alice stuff! I collect old versions of the books and I love the ones with the original images….. putting the dessert plates on my Christmas list!!!

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