This could be embarrassing

But I’m soo tired..and I have so much to do..(And I’m stressed–cause my mind doesn’t know what to do, and my heart won’t help it out any)so this is what you’re getting..A story I wrote, oh, about four years ago, in high school.  I found it over the weekend, and changed very, very little.  So.  Installment Numero Uno:

Nine o’clock Train

The sunset over the forest was worthy of countless works of admiration.  The dwindling light set the brilliant hues of autumn leaves ablaze.  The crickets were singing their lullaby to the sun as the nocturnal creatures began to stir.

In the midst of it all, Madeline Welch was hopelessly lost.  Beggar’s lice clung to the hem of her jeans.  She pulled the sleeves of her oversized college sweatshirt over her hands and pushed through a seemingly endless briar patch.  The sharp green thorns poked and scratched her skin through the denim and fleece.

The sky darkened by degrees.  Madeline shivered as a cool breeze brushed along the back of her neck.  Stumbling along half-blind, Madeline was reminded of a nest of newborn kittens she had once found nestled in the warm hay of the barn.  The mother cat had gone hunting and her babies were climbing all over each other, mewing and searching for the source of their sweet nourishment.  She wondered if there were dozens of other lost people wandering around in the woods, passing within an arm’s reach of her.

Her breath caught in her throat.  Was it a mirage?  Was there really a set of footprints in the soft dirt before her?  Madeline knelt beside the tracks and touched them lightly.  They were fresh, and the boots that had made them were small, either a woman’s or a young boy’s.  The pattern of the tread looked almost familiar.  Madeline felt cold tears slip from her eyes as she realized she was looking at her own footprints.  The salty tears made streaks and rivulets through the dirt smeared across her cheeks.

“You should never walk in the forest alone.  Especially at night.”



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3 responses to “This could be embarrassing

  1. cindylou88

    Duh duh duh!


    I am making pork loin chops baked with an apple allspice sauce. It is an experiment and I am very excited about it. I may also make some cookies from scratch, as I also bought flour and am feeling very ambitious.

  2. wedontchoose

    Hmm, make sure to post some more of this…for I have been reeled in.

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