Vicious Cycle

So I have this thing I do when I try to make decisions, even decisions that should be simple.  I have to weigh all the options, research every possible scenario (I get this from my dad, I must say), ask advice from anyone who’ll listen (and some who won’t), and basically think about it twenty-four seven until I’ve completely talked myself out of doing anything at all.

So far this summer I’ve done this with buying a sewing machine (didn’t do it, mostly because I’m poor), making that blanket I was asking ya’ll to pick colors for a while back (again, poor, and never did pick any colors), I almost did it with my haircut last week, but I made myself get a haircut, spent a couple of days thinking about changing my major, and now I’m getting ready to start a new project: redoing my bedroom.  I would show you some before pictures, but I have to clean it first; it’s a disaster zone right now.  Seriously, it’s horrible and I cannot stand it a minute longer.  And this morning, I was torn between three possible quilt/duvet options.  I made my mom look at them a few minutes ago, and she ruled out one contender, which led me to the victor.  Now, I just have to go to IKEA.  Which is going to be my new obsession until I actually get there.  Which will hopefully be this weekend. 

Now I just have to picka paint color (relax, I have a picture to match, that’s the easy part).  The hard part will be convincing my parents (especially el padre) to help me get it done.  In theory, I could knock this whole project out by myself.  But in actuality, my parents will help me and each decision I agonize over will have to be redecided.  I am going to be firm, though.  It will not be like the plaque hanging incident that I was never happy with.

Ok.  Time to go pick stuff up off the floor.  Love ya; sorry to be so distant this past week or so, but my class ended yesterday so I should be around more now!



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4 responses to “Vicious Cycle

  1. wedontchoose

    “Raise your hand if you would like to go with Betsy to IKEA.”
    *raises hand, shakes it around, and looks pitiful*

  2. cindylou88

    Only a couple of weeks till i get to see yall!

  3. Kristina

    Pictures of the new linens please!!

  4. cindylou88

    lol I am far too fond of regular meals to be a poet. 🙂

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