Saturday Chic

This morning I went to the bank and the Wal-mart looking totally Saturday Chic:  gym shorts, t-shirt, flip-flops, wet hair in a ponytail and baseball cap, and not a stitch of make-up.  Except for my new favorite lip gloss; the best lip gloss I’ve had since the Lip Smacker Vanilla Frosting craze of my freshman year of high school (yum).

It’s from Cover Girl, so it feels a little more grown up than the Lip Smackers of old (although I did first find out about it in Seventeen magazine).  It’s called Amazemint, the shade is “Freedom of Peach” (hehe), and it matches my lips perfectly.  And when you put it on, it’s all minty and tingly.  Love it.


My brother and sister started school yesterday.  My baby sister is in the tenth grade (sob), and she goes to school with my favorite volunteer from work this summer.  Said volunteer told my sister that it’s funny to work with my because I’m so OCD.

OCD?  Moi?  I don’t know why anyone would say that..


A couple questions for the universe:

1.  How does gradual self-tanner work?  I know it works, cause I’m using it, and I’ve got an effective plan for having the ultimate fake lotion tan by the time I come back from the beach, but how does it work?  And what happens if you start getting a real tan?  Or you get burned?

2.  What is the meat part of P&P (aka pickle and pimento loaf, aka the yummiest and unhealthiest sandwich meat around)?  UPDATE:  My mom looked at the label (I can’t bring myself to read the nutritional info) and told me that it’s pork and chicken.  Mystery solved.


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