Why Can’t We Be Friends?

AmazeMint:  I was here first.

Gap Favorite Lip Balm:  Hi!  I’m the Favorite Lip Balm from the Gap in “Cool Pineapple”.  And I rock.

AM:  Move over, shorty, I’m the favorite lip gloss around here.

FLB:  Since when, Thursday?  I am new, fresh, and exciting.

AM:  I make lips shiny and minty fresh.

FLB:  I taste like pineapple.

AM:  I am pink.

FLB:  I have SPF 18.

AM:  Oh yeah?  Well, well, there’s only room for one lip product around here, and I am it.

FLB:  One word.  Pineapple.

AM:  That’s two words.

FLB:  It’s a compound word, Pinky.  Go back to third grade.


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3 responses to “Why Can’t We Be Friends?

  1. amberpoole

    this is really funny wanna see mine?

  2. Whitney

    *slow clap*

    Too cute, Betsy…
    “Actually, its a compound word.” That sounds like an argument we would have with a certain friend of ours. haha Love you

  3. Never thought I would laugh out loud at dialogue between lip glosses… this is hilarious.

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