Traveling Pants

Flip flops: check

Ball cap: check

Towel, swimsuit(s), sunscreen: check

Reading material: check

Perfect jeans: check


So, last weekend was tax-free, back-to-school weekend here, which basically means everybody and their brother goes to the store to buy school supplies and clothes.  And somehow I found myself at the mall both Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday I(ok, my mom) bought two shirts on sale at GAP, and as we were leaving, we saw a really cute wine-colored shirt and a pair of blue jean capris on the rack next to the door, which is traditionally reserved for the New Not On Sale Full Price Lovely Clothes.  My mom and I both oohed over the outfit before checking the price tag and leaving.

Sunday, I returned to exchange the two shirts for a smaller size, and to kill time I tried on the outfit.  Which was basically my undoing.  Absolutely perfect.  I clutched it desperately for the next half hour (it was the only pair in my size!) as I waited for my mom to finish buying my sister shirts and jewelry from Rue 21 and come buy my perfect, lovely new clothes.

I’ve decided to live by the credo of buying less and only buying what I love.  I’d rather have one pair of capris that fit wonderfully from the gap than ten pairs that shrink and bind and don’t flatter from..well..anywhere else.  It helps when you’re a little bit spoiled and someone else is footing the bill for a change.

Going to the back next week!



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2 responses to “Traveling Pants

  1. Oh girl! I LOVE Twilight! Prepare to be obsessed.

  2. Kristina

    That’s my new mantra too. Sadly, my undoing was shopping for a first date outfit and finding that I love jeans from Banana Republic. I got the first pair on sale, but I want more and the have a hefty $78 price tag. I’m actually dry cleaning them to keep them dark and lovely forever.

    The other option is learning to sew and making what you can. I have tons of skirts and summer sundresses that I made this year.

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