Still Smiling..

Partly because of this..

And this..Anyway, it would be a shame to let family stress ruin the relaxation of a perfectly good vacation..

Not my feet..I didn’t buy the heels from Target..although I almost let myself be talked into it..But aren’t the two Mrs. Boykewich’s cute?

Burying myself in the Olympics (gotta cheer on my future and the “Twilight” series (have resorted to unashamedly bumming book 3 off my sister’s friend) and trying not to think about anything else..Like how my almost 17 year old brother is ruining his life and breaking my mother’s heart by quitting the high school football team..Right, not thinking about that.  Thinking about the collective hotness of the American men’s swim team.  Much more pleasant..



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2 responses to “Still Smiling..

  1. Whitney

    Betsy…I love you. I am not sure if that changes anything or helps at all, but I do, in fact, love you more than simple words on a blog could express.

  2. Cute shoes!!!! cute. cute. cute.

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