Cuidado means Caution

Look out: craft alert! (and a peek at one of my bookcases)

Yeah, that’s right, I made something, and what’s pathetic and depressing is that this is possibly the only thing I’ve made this summer.  This little bag is from a book that I could not resist a few weeks ago: Simply Sublime Bags by Jodi Kahn..

And, get this, there are no stitches in this bag–it’s staples and duck(t) tape all the way, baby!  There are a bunch of cute, cute projects in this book that are sewing machine free (which is fortunate, since I, too, am sewing machine free at the moment) and this is just the first one I’ve tackled.  I think these kind of projects would be a big hit with the middle to high school girl crowd.  My sister wants one of these.  Actually, she wants this one, but she can’t have it, as it is my new pencil pouch.

I’m pretty stoked to the max about it.  And I already know which one I’m going to make next.


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