Dining In

Inspired a bit by Kelli’s fabulous community dinners, I decided to host a dinner party of my own:

There was penne with peppers, onions, and spinach, bruschetta, lots of bread, and salad with Hannah’s homemade ranch.  Whitney brought croutons and her mom’s sweet tea.

And then there was dessert.  Hannah went a tad overboard, as is her tendency, and made truffles (I introduced her to them in FL and now she’s hooked), those lovely “cheesecake strawberries” you see there, sitting on a base of dark chocolate and topped with almonds, and brought sparkling grape juice and her mom’s wedding glasses..But we can’t overlook Bianca’s psychedelic cupcakes..

Yum.  I get hungry just looking at the pictures.


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One response to “Dining In

  1. Whitney

    Haha, those pictures make us look so grown-up. Yay for dinner parties!! When is the next one again? Love

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