Lembas and Entwash

Breakfast of Champions..

So, the summer I turned 16, I took driver’s ed, and over the course of driver’s ed, I read the Lord of the Rings series and tried the Special K diet (which basically consists of eating nothing but Special K).  (Sidenote, and weird fact about me for the day: I don’t eat milk on my cereal.)  In The Return of the King, some of the characters eat “lembas” (elf food, i think) and drink “entwash” (which I think is what the trees drink or a river, or both, it’s been a long time, ok, I don’t remember exactly).  So to make my breakfast more exciting and enjoyable, I started calling Special K “lembas” and orange juice “entwash” (only in my head; I don’t think I’ve told anyone this story before)..So anyway, the Special K diet didn’t work out, but the nicknames stuck, and that’s now what I think about when I eat this combination of foods.  And when I eat cinnamon pecan Special K, which I did this morning, I go back to last semester, climbing out of the backseat of Hannah’s mustang and walking to speech class with her and Casey, eating cereal out of a plastic baggie, and wearing my puffy pink coat and turquoise hand-knit fingerless mitts.  Or, if I had to give a speech that day, not eating the cereal in the plastic baggie.  It’s funny how food can bring back memories.  And how food and books can be so tightly bound together.  Which segue-ways nicely to my next topic:

Summer Reading: Part Long Overdue

I have read 23 books since I last updated, and here’s the thing.  They were all so good.  This summer, I just haven’t had patience for bad books, so I haven’t read any. 

15.  Friends Don’t Let Friends Date Jason by Nancy Rue- ❤ this series with all my ❤

16.  The Freedom Writers Diary by the Freedom Writers with Erin Gruwell-Showed me what kind of teacher I want to be; very moving

17.  The Will of Wisteria by Denise Hildreth-who has a blog, too! ❤ her!

18.  Summer at Tiffany by Majorie Hart-i ADORED this book!! So much fun.  Think about part of it everytime I’m in the elevator at work

19.  Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott-good stuff, love the part about the “aunties”, if you’ve read it you probably know what I mean

20.  Hello, Cupcake! by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson-Adorable cupcake decorating book I can’t wait to put to good use

21.  When is Perfect, Perfect Enough? by Nancy Rue-Last of the Flagpole Girls series, I am sad to see it end.

22.  Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern by Amy Butler

23.  Lotta Prints by Lotta Jansdotter

24.  The Dud Avacado by Elaine Dundy- <3! So good..

25.  Ex Libris by Anne Fadiman- Another good one; I like books about books..and, strangely, books of essays

26.  Summerhill Secrets Volume 2 by Beverly Lewis-who has her own shelf on my bookcase

27.  Apartment Therapy by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan-fun for decorating ideas and living in a small space

I’ll save the last ten for tomorrow, the (sob!) last day of my summer vacation..



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2 responses to “Lembas and Entwash

  1. wedontchoose

    Anne Lamott= love.

    I had the fortune of running across Ms. Lamott after buying Traveling Mercies at a used book store. Ever since I have been hooked.

  2. wedontchoose

    Oh, and guess what…
    (C’mon, guess!)
    Got nothing?!
    Okay, here is the news…..

    Ryan Adams is touring, and is coming to Alpharetta.
    In October. Who is going to be there, you ask? Oh, just me, you and Liz…of course!!! Get excited Betsy, we are soooo going!!

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