Seriously? Are we being for real here?

Oh, school.


It’s been kinda one of those days, ya know?  And it’s not every 4 o’clock yet.

My classes yesterday were pretty good (my math teacher will probably get her own post at some point this semester).  I went to work right after class and got a raging headache that did not go away.  Like, until I went to sleep.  Even though I took half a Goody powder when I got home.  (Half a Goody powder is about all I can handle; I look like I’m having a seizure when I try to take one, and it took me three tries to get half of it down).

Today.  It’s still raining (ok, right this second I don’t think it’s raining, which means it’s gonna be muggy as…well, I don’t know what, a swamp, maybe? when I go outside)..This morning I had the three hour long class, arguably the most important/hardest class of this semester, and I walked out without picking up the articles we have to read.  Way to go, genius.  Realized it when I got to my car, turned around to go back and caught my teaching-partner for this semester who had also forgotten. (Brilliant tidings of things to come, lol..)  Ended up catching one of the teachers (almost all of my classes are team-taught this semester), but it was the wrong one.  As she walked into the bathroom, she saw the other teacher’s box and got our articles.  Good times. 

And then, as I was getting back into my car, I dropped one of the articles in a puddle..It’s ok now, but it’s all crinkly and loud, you know how paper gets when it gets wet.  Also, I jammed/bent one of the metal thingys (what are those things called) of my redplaidstolenfromthekennychesneyconcert umbrella.  But it still works so far.  I hope it keeps working, as it’s the first umbrella I’ve ever had that opens with the push of a button.  I feel like Mary Poppins every time.

Went to work for a little while, came back for tennis class, which I was thinking about dropping, but now I might keep it, just because of how easy he made it sound.  We’ll see.  Do you know how nonathletic I am?  My brother and sister are squandering all the athletic genes in my family tree.

Right now I’m sitting in the library.  It’s Chick-fil-a night at the mall, so I’m not going home until after, but I hafta wait for mi amigas to get off work and such, so I’ve been  I’ve written every due date in my planner (must take some pictures, as that is quite a trip) and all my professors’ contact info..done (almost) all my homework, but there’s a limit to how much I can actually get done as I am waiting for my textbooks in the mail.  The books I need may or may not be at my house right now.  Anyway, I’ve gotta finish an assignment, call and ask my mom to tape “Secret Life” if I’m not home in time to watch it, and then kill about eleventy more hours.  I brought my current book in progress, but it’s my read-before-bed book, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it puts me right to sleep..

Really not as pessimistic as I sound here!  Kinda wordy on account of I’ve been sitting by myself practicing piano/in the library for the past three hours..Love ya!



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2 responses to “Seriously? Are we being for real here?

  1. Kristina

    Hang in there girly! I know how you feel. I’ve had (in the words of Holly from Breakfast at Tiffanys) a case of the mean reds for the past few days… translation: the blues. For no particular reason. The new goal: get through the week alive. I recommend you adopt it. It makes life a little easier! I’m pullin’ for ya!

  2. cindylou88

    aww Im sure it will get better. I hate team taught classes too, you never know who you need to talk to and they all have different office hours! I’ve never had a Goody powder, they’ve always sort of frightened me…

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