Dear God, Please grow some fruit of self-control on my spirit tree

Love these girls..

THE Pasta Recipe


-1 box short pasta of choice (penne, whatever)

-1 or 2 bell peppers

-1 onion

-1/2 garlic

-a handful or two of spinach

-1/4 cup olive oil

-salt and pepper

-1/4 cup cheese (mozz or parm)

1.  Cook a box of short (penne, etc) pasta as directed.  Reserve about .5-1 cup of the cooking water, drain and put pasta in a bowl.

2.  In same pot, put 1/4 a cup of olive oil.  Add 1-2 bell peppers, sliced, and 1 onion.  If you’re so inclined and the family patriarch does not have an overly sensitive nose, add .5-1 clove garlic, mashed up really little (I am very technical with my cooking terms, as you can see).

3.  Cook the veggies until they’re tender, about 7 minutes or so.  Add the pasta, the reserved water, a handful or two of spinach, about 1/4 a cup of shredded cheese (parm, i think, i don’t remember right off, could be mozz), salt, and pepper.  Cook until spinach is wilted (very short amount of time)..

4.  Dump in a bowl and serve!  Dee-licious!

I cobbled this recipe together from a couple of different ones in Real Simple magazine, and it’s gotten rave reviews both times I made it..



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2 responses to “Dear God, Please grow some fruit of self-control on my spirit tree

  1. Whitney

    I don’t think that “rave reviews” really covers it. I mean, we pretty much bought the ingredients for you and begged on hand and knee for you to make it. I have never had such greatness before.

  2. wedontchoose

    About the poem…
    What is going on in the poem actually happened. My sister and I were at Starbucks and she was talking to me about a fight that her and an ex-boyfriend of hers had gotten into (this happened a few years ago.) At the table next to us was a guy who, I guess, had not wanted to buy bifocals, so he had one pair of glasses up at his eyes, and another down at the end of his nose, reading a book. That particular line does two things: show that the narrator (me) is trying to focus on different things, AND it represents the two ways to look at the situation: she is in denial about what happened, while I am being a little more harsh and truthful about it. That is what it means. Thanks for pointing it out…now that I read over it again, it does need a little more work. This is the kind of feedback that is invaluable.

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