Barrel of Laughs

(Barrel of apples.  Or, box of apples, as the case may be.)

So.  It’s pretty much a miracle that I’m writing this to you tonight. 

Because I almost died.

And I almost killed someone.  (More than one someone, actually.)

So I went to get the pizza, cause when you can play chicken with the deer in your driveway, the pizza places don’t deliver.  And as it is Friday night, and there’s nothing to do in this town but eat out, it was crazy busy, but a spot right in front of the restaurant opened up, and I started to whip in.  Couldn’t quite make it, so I stopped, looked behind me, and saw a car backing RIGHT at me.  I yelled “Watch it!” and wished my horn wasn’t broken (note to self: get daddy to fix that asap).  The car stopped, I got into my spot, and I exchanged ‘did-that-really-almost-just-happen’ grins with the guy in the car next to me (the one my car would’ve been pushed into) and wondered what he thought I had said.  Probably not “watch it”.

So I was waiting in line to get the food, and people kept breaking in front of me.  Seriously, like I was not even standing there, this guy just pushed right by me. 


By the time I got out of there and out of the parking lot (a feat in itself as the twelve thousand people coming out of the Mexican restaurant didn’t know that you can’t stand in the middle of the road) I was driving into the sun and shoveling dry breadsticks into my mouth.  Me+stress=carbs, carbs, carbs.  Bad habit.

Things that are making me laugh today:

1.  The Secret Life of the American Teenager.  This show has my emotions running gamut from wincing pain at the horrible stereotypes, embarrassment that my dad is in the room, frustration at the slow pace, and hilarious disbelief at the utter ridiculousness of it all.  Mostly the latter.  Season finale Tuesday night.

2.  Taylor Swift singing “Should’ve Said No” at some awards show.

I know it’s a little painful to listen to, but turn the sound down kinda low and watch this all the way through.  Seriously, I promise it’s worth it.  Everytime it comes on CMT, I stop in my tracks and stare, entranced.  Watch it. 

3.  I’m going to try to upload the videos mis amigas y yo made when we were coming back from Florida in April.  They are quite hilarious.

4.  My baby brother turns 17 tomorrow.  He’s at a boxing match tonight.  WTC?

What’s making you laugh tonight?

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One response to “Barrel of Laughs

  1. Kristina

    I think any woman + stress = carbs! And me + bad day = chocolate or tea.

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