“I ain’t firstclass, but I ain’t white trash”

Today was a good day.

Since I saw the amazon.com box, I’ve been dragging Jane’s beautiful book around like a security blanket.  It’s absolutely gorgeous, ya’ll*.  Jane Brocket takes feet pictures to a whole new level.  It’s downright inspiring.  Haha.  I read it while my brother surfed college football games and men passionately discussing college football games.  I took it in the car when we went to our favorite bar-b-que restaurant for Wesley’s birthday supper.

Our favorite restaurant is an hour and a half away, but it’s worth the drive.  We make the trek a couple of times a year.  It’s lined with shelves of dusty old farm equipment and jars and such, but genuinely old dusty stuff, not Cracker Barrel or Zaxby’s reproduction type stuff.  Until a year or two ago, there was sawdust on the floors, and if you were wearing sandals it would get in them.  The bathroom used to have a roller towel.  It still has a windowframe with peoples names scrawled in it, and a window with a ruffled curtain that swings open and is held in place with a nail. 

Car trips in the van have an established seating arrangement.  Wesley sitting in the middle on the left, Sara in the back left, and I am on the back right hand side.  Sara and I put down the middle seat in front of us and prop our feet on it.  We dance and sing along to the radio**, pick out pretty houses for me to live in and her to visit me in, laugh at people we see in the Home Depot parking lot and our brother’s attempts to take a picture of himself.  And then the Country Gold show comes on the radio.  I heart the Country Gold show.  We always take the backroads and the long way home.

And then race for the bathroom when we get home.  Thank goodness the days of sharing (fighting over) one tiny bathroom are behind us.

Good fun.  Good food.  Good sibling bonding time.

I’m gonna go look at my new book.


*You all.  Is it “ya’ll” or “y’all”?  If we’re going by rules of contractions, it would be “ya’ll”, right?  But lots of times I see it the other way.  I don’t know, I’m conflicted.

**My favorite song.  I Rock.Out. to this song.  For Real.  I can’t explain it, this song is so..unlike me..but I love it.  There’s no accounting for taste.  See the title of the post.



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2 responses to ““I ain’t firstclass, but I ain’t white trash”

  1. Whitney

    Regarding the y’all v. ya’ll debate…

    I always thought that the “ou” in you was what was being omitted, mostly because you pronounce the entire second word- all. To me, it was always “y-uhh-aaalll”

    But what do I know…I mean, your way has more symmetry to the word, so therefore, more aesthetically pleasing…We’ll go with your way. 🙂

  2. wedontchoose

    Okay…fixed all the mess in the middle of the poem. It was from where I just copied and paste-d the poem from MS Word. And when I just typed it from my memory, the things you were suggesting actually fixed themselves. When you commented, I was in the process of editing the original post (which you couldn’t have known)…give it another gander. You’ll be proud to know that I have found that the back part of the main floor of the Berry Library is the best place in Rome, GA to write poetry… it will be my new hang out.

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