Are you there, Fall? It’s me, Betsy..

“In short, life in this month of September is, generally speaking, keyed up to a fresh start.  Holidays are over, families are reunited, and the order once again is ‘Full Speed Ahead’.  Caught in the doldrums of August we may have regretted the departing summer, have sighed over the vanished strawberries and all that they signified.  Now, however, we look forward almost eagerly to winter’s approach.  We forget the fogs, the slush, the sore throats and the price of coal, we think only of long evenings by lamplight, of the books which we are really going to read this time, of the bright shop windows and the keen edge of the early frosts.”

–from Greenery Street by Denis Mackail, aka, a simply amazing, wonderful, absorbing, delightful book.  I’m almost done, and regretting that I’ll have to take it back to the library.  (It’s a Persephone book I got on interlibrary loan–from UGA’s library, as a matter of fact, Cindy..)  I’ve decided that I’m a Persephone Books kinda girl.  I love books written in England (and America, for that matter) between the wars (and directly before and after, as well).  And I’ve discovered that I have very, very similiar taste in literature to Jane and Alicia.  So I read books they say are good, and I invariably love them, too.  

In other news, I just ordered the cutest pair of shoes I have ever seen.  You guys are going to love them.  It’ll be a couple of weeks, so start getting excited.

Also, I’m ready for the weather to change.    And 12:30 is pretty much the worse time to have to play tennis, ever.



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2 responses to “Are you there, Fall? It’s me, Betsy..

  1. wedontchoose

    Oh goodness, Betsy… I am very sorry. The list was more of a work-in-progress…BUT the error has been remedied!!! Please don’t think that it meant I love you any less…for that could never be!

    And I am so excited about your new shoes…can’t wait!!! All of your stuff is cuter than the average cute, so if you are excited about them, they must be spectacular!!

  2. cindylou88

    That is a pretty swiggety-sweet excerpt dere.

    And actually, I had just seen Persephone Books mentioned in passing online recently, because I was doing research for a fictional letter I was writing for my creative writing class. It stood out to me because I thought that was a really awesome name for a press.

    That’s cool that it came from here. On Thursday, the English Dept. is hosting a reading of work by one of the professors at Berry, Micheal Mejia. I always get excited when something reminds me of home. 🙂

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