Nothing seems as strange as when the leaves begin to change..

The leaves do not look like this yet, but they will!  Soon!  And I cannot wait..Fall is my favorite season.

And because I love fall, and I love lists, here is a list about fall.  (Inspired by this, and this..and all the other bloggers out there showing some fall-time love)

Fall: What’s not to love?:

1.  Cooler temperatures.  Yesterday I ate my lunch on a bench, under a tree, reading a book, in a patch of sunlight.  It was every bit as perfect as it sounds.

2.  Leaves!  Hello!  My commute is going to rock in a few weeks..

3.  Thanksgiving.  Rivals Christmas for my favorite holiday.  Love.It.

4.  High school football.  And seeing my sister’s personality come out in the halftime show.  She is crazy.

5.  Sweaters.  Especially the super cute $10 one I got on sale at the Gap a few months ago.  Planning on wearing it to the high school football game this Friday night.  🙂

6.  Books.  Doesn’t it seem like lots of good books are coming out this fall?  And a lot of them have come out a lot sooner than I was expecting them, which is wreaking havoc on my homework, but doing great things to my lunch break.

7.  Pumpkins. 

8.  Tea.  Or, at least, the thought of tea.  I’ve decided that this fall/winter, I’m going to train myself to like hot tea.  (Given my geographic location, it would probably make more sense to train myself to like sweet tea, but I figure hot tea’s better for me.) 

9.  Christmas is coming!  (the goose is getting fat..)

10.  Rusty, dusty colors that I love: deep greens, burnt orange, burgandy, toasty, chocolately browns..

11.  Pulling out the gorgeous, carved wooden-ish pumpkin thing my mom sent me in a care package last year (my only care package in two years in a dorm, ahem..)  I know that is not a good description; you’ll hafta see pictures.

12.  The fair!  It’s next week, and I’m down to the wire on whether or not I’m going to have something ready to enter in it this year..I’ll keep you posted..

12.5  Can’t forget the fair food!  And I love the animals: the cows and pigs and chickens with the feathers on their feet!

13.  Long sleeve t-shirts.

14.  Knee-socks.

15.  Brunswick stew.  My mom’s is the best I’ve ever had.  Ever, ever.

16.  I know that usually spring is seen as the time for renewal, but this fall feels like renewal to me.  It just feels like certain things in my life are getting a fresh start.

17.  “The Mouse on the Mayflower”.  Did you ever see this movie?  I try to watch it every Thanksgiving, and whenever I’m sick.  It’s pretty awesome.  And it reminds me of

18.  “The Courtship of Miles Standish”.  I read (and loved) this poem in 10th grade English when Mrs. Couey would give me American lit stuff and send me to the library.  It was always freezing cold in there, and one time I remember they let me wrap up in a blanket.  And another time I got to go back in the office, which was supposed to be warmer.  I don’t think that this was actually in the fall, but that poem reminds me of Thanksgiving, so there ya go.

19.  Turkey.  My great-uncle’s grilled Thanksgiving Day special, and my version, which has become a tradition of its own. 

20.  Traditions.  Fall just has all kinds of traditions: school events, family things, friend things.  It’s so comforting and comfortable to ease into this season that has been so good to me, and anticipate all the great memories that are going to be made this year!



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5 responses to “Nothing seems as strange as when the leaves begin to change..

  1. cindylou88

    Your list almost makes me want cold weather to last longer than two weeks (which is the amount of time it takes for me to wear all my cute sweaters).

  2. riverislove

    I love autumn too. And I love tea, cold temperatures….the way autumn makes me feel. I wanna see your list when the winter comes. I bet it will be this one

  3. Janet F

    I love the Fall too!

    I am going to try different kinds of hot tea this season. I bought some green tea with lemon the other day and I can’t wait to try some of the other varieties.

    Happy Fall!

  4. Kat

    I too am in love with fall. If your gonna try out hot tea, you may just want to head over to your local organic food store. Find yourself a tea ball and some dried jasmine, rose, lavender, or what ever else strikes your fancy. Cheaper then traditional tea bags and oh my the creations you can make! Valerian is great for overcoming stress those exams can bring on. 🙂

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