“Judy Moody was in a mood. Not a good mood. A bad mood.”

I’ve promised myself that I will do all my tedious homework over the next couple of days..and then over fall break I will do the fun homework (fun to me, at least), and read, and listen to music, and finish my Italy scrapbook (and my freshman year scrapbook.  And maybe start my sophomore year scrapbook.  Before junior year is halfway over).  And blog.  And show you pictures of my cooking.  And my burned arm (it hurts).  And sleep.  Sleep would be good right now, but I’d rather save the sleeping and not have to worry about the stressing.  And the procrastinating. 

That’s a new thing for me.

I am so ready for fall break.  I’m at that point, and in one of those moods, where everything and everybody are rubbing you the wrong way.  I need to go into hermit hibernation mode for a couple of days, and I’ll come out alright.

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