“Teach us delight in simple things

And mirth that has no bitter springs”  –Rudyard Kipling

Simple things that are delighting me lately, on the strip that connects my t.v. wall mount thing (which I am going to crack my head open on, mark my words) to the outlet near my computer desk.  (Remind me to show you my desk and my cute new-to-me chair sometime.)  (I’m not sure if that first sentence makes a lick of sense.)

Anyway.  Where was I?  Oh yeah.

-Norman Rockwell postcard.  <3.  (From a book of N.R. postcards I won by being the fastest diaper changer on a baby doll at the hospital on a field trip in 10th grade.  When I decided I wanted to be a neonatal nurse.  Remind me to tell you all the things I’ve wanted to be over the years.)

-Postcard, and business cards, towards the bottom, from some of my favorite people on the internet..

-Postcard from my beloved Florence..

-And post-it of my favorite new quotation..

Have I shown you the self-portrait I had to do for my arts and cultures class?  Here it is.

The rules were, it had to have something representing each of the ten social studies concepts/areas (culture, history, geography, me, us, authority, economics, tools, global connections, citizenship..is that 10?  yeah..), 7 pictures and 3 words/phrases..I pulled out my stacks of magazines from under the bed (mostly “Real Simple”, with some “Domino” and “Shape” thrown in there) and had a great time.  I was really happy with the way it turned out.

Re: that quilt from the last post:  I covet it in a way that breaks a commandment..I should take pictures of the quilts that my great-grandmother has made me..add that to the list..

Now..homework.  For real..


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