Love is a Mix CD

I feel like I’ve been cold constantly since Saturday.  Last night I found an extra quilt for my bed.  This is one of the pair that my great-grandmother made for my brother and sister.  In our old house, these quilts were on their beds.  My version is extra-special:  it’s pink where this one is blue, it’s got lace-like trim on the edge of the fans, and is edged with pink triangles..I’m not sure where it is right now; probably buried in the back of the bathroom closet..

Our old house was built by my great-grandfather in the 1920s.  I shared a bedroom with my brother and sister until I was almost 14.  They had bunkbeds and I had a twin bed in the corner of the room (and the house).  We had a heater in the living room, but nothing in the rest of the house, so it was cold, cold, cold in the fall-winter.  I remember not being able to move under the thick pile of blankets on my bed.  And as soon as we got that first cold snap, there would be hundreds and hundreds of ladybugs everywhere in the house.  And especially, it seemed, in my little corner.  It was really gross; some people like ladybugs, but I never have, after having to brush them out of my bed for so many years.  We had that plastic sheeting stuff you put on the windows to try to keep the cold out, that you seal and shrink with a hair dryer (this morning I was so cold, I wanted to keep blow-drying my hair forever).  And I remember during the blizzard (The.Blizzard.93) we hung blankets in all the doorways and slept in the living room, where all the heat was.  These are some of the things I remembered and thought about last night after I pulled out this quilt.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon wearing a green long-sleeve t-shirt, my new black yoga pants, thick old navy socks, and my beloved handknit turquoise fingerless mitts, making a mix cd of music I’m loving for fall.  It’s got songs I was into last fall (#8), over the summer (#3,4,5,7), from Wicked (which I saw Sunday, with friends from school, and LOVED; it was amazing; I’m definitely going to see it in Birmingham next April) (11,15,21) (I don’t know who hasn’t identified with #11; I know I have), sad songs (#11, especially), happy songs, one randomly peppy song that doesn’t really fit with the overall vibe at all (15), love songs (a crazy large percent of this cd is love songs, I can’t explain it), and new songs from new and old favorites. 

I’ve started making copies of this cd for people I love.  Who wants one?  You know you do.

1.  Crayola Doesn’t Make a Color for Your Eyes 3:35 Kristin Andreassen, Kiss Me Hello 
2.  Brand New Day 3:32 Joshua Radin, Simple Times 
3.  The Call 3:09 Regina Spektor, Chronicles of Narnia Soundtrack  
4.  Forture Teller 4:32 Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Raising Sand
5.  Pearls on a String 2:28 Ryan Adams 
6.  Kiss Me Hello 2:49 Kristin Andreassen, Kiss Me Hello
7.  I Was Made For You 2:31 She & Him, Volume One 
8.  Here Come Those Eyes 2:31 Chris Rice, What A Heart Is Beating For 
9.  A Living Prayer 3:36 Alison Krauss & Union Station, Lonely Runs Both Ways 
10.  I’m Yours 4:03 Jason Mraz, We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things 
11.  I’m Not That Girl 3:02 Idina Menzel, Wicked: Original Broadway Cast 
12.  Mockingbird 3:18 Allison Moorer, Mockingbird 
13.  You and I 2:29 Ingrid Michaelson, Be OK 
14.  Lucky (feat. Colbie Caillat) 3:10 Jason Mraz, We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things 
15.  Popular 3:46 Kristin Chenoweth, Wicked: Original Broadway Cast
16.  Falling In Love At a Coffee Shop 4:32 Landon Pigg 
17.  Other Side of the World 3:35 KT Tunstall, Eye to the Telescope                                                                                                                                                           18.  I’d Rather Be With You 2:49 Joshua Radin, Simple Times 
19.  Be OK 2:28 Ingrid Michaelson, Be OK 
20.  My Heart 3:51 Colleen McCarron    
21.  For Good 5:10 Idina Menzel; Kristin Chenoweth, Wicked: Original Broadway Cast 
22.  Over the Rainbow 2:56 Ingrid Michaelson, Be OK


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  1. Whitney

    I want a copy…how about we exchange cds soon…? Like sometime this week?

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