November, where did you come from?

I did not step one foot out of the house from Friday night until this morning, so I was pretty surprised when I saw this.  (You would think I would have at least looked out the window..)

When did that happen?  It’s really turning out to be a pretty fall.

In my literacy class we’re writing memoirs.  Today we brainstormed ideas for topics.  Here’s (part of) my list:

-piano lessons/mrs. stewart

-Memaw’s house-authors, fudge, uno, hiking

-high school shenanigans-parking deck, skating/chili’s, shrine parade/game, 4th block senior year

-band camp/competitions/football games

-senior trip

-the beach



-Mrs. P, and Mrs. O (oh whitney, i know you know who I’m talking about)

-North Carolina



I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make it pretty and sweet (a la Alicia) or funny (a la Laurie)..I may end up writing two.  But I think I’ve got it pretty well narrowed down.

This is my pumpkin.  It was the day before Halloween, and this baby needed somebody to love it.  He (she?) doesn’t have a name yet..I’m open to suggestions.



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2 responses to “November, where did you come from?

  1. cindylou88

    Betsy McSassPants! I remember everything about last weekend.

    P.s. Your pumpkin frightens me.

  2. That memoir sounds like a fun project… it got me thinking what my memoir would be like… and what would I write about :o) Peely Wheely is the first name that came to my head when I looked at your dear pumpkin. Happy Tuesday & Veteran’s Day!

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