Bemoaning Belinda: A Cautionary Tale

If you decide to knit a Belinda (which I would recommend, despite what the rest of this post may lead you to believe), heed my advice:


(the before–see that hole, about a fourth of the way down, fifth section from the right?  Yeah, me neither until it was sitting up on the laptop like that)

1.  Avoid knitting Belinda while watching the election results on CNN.  Especially if you tend to get excited every time they project a new state.  You will let approximately 10 stitches slip off the needles on every row, and will have to stop and set things right again.

2.  Avoid knitting Belinda while watching SNL’s Presidential Bash, with pretty much all of the skits they did about the election over the past year.  You will drop stitches, let them get untwisted, make mistakes you decide to live with, and make mistakes you will not notice until 5 days and 20 rows later, which you cannot live with.

3.  Knitting Belinda while watching Alex and Emma  on the Hallmark channel is okay, although it will take you further away from your SNL mistakes.

Which you will try to fix.


And if you’re a better knitter than I am, you might be able to.  I had to rip back.  A lot.  I know it doesn’t look like a lot, but this is pretty slow going, so it really is a lot.  Sigh.  But I’m back on track now, and will try to avoid watching tv while working on this project.  And, I know that that pesky ladder that wasn’t twisted right would have tormented me, as much as I tried to convince myself that it wouldn’t.


(the after–in the end, worth fighting with the sticky Kidsilk Haze)

I will also get new lightbulbs for my ceiling fan, as 2 of the 3 are out right now, contributing to these bad pictures.

In other news, I have another thing to add to the list of reasons-i-will-probably-have-osteoporosis-when-i’m-old.  It’s not enough that I have bad posture/eating/exercise habits, they had to throw the genetics card in there and say that if you’re a very fair skinned and small boned person, you’re pretty much in for it.  Thanks Mother Nature!  You’re a pal.  Okay, I’m off to drink some milk, sit up straight, and lift some weights.


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