Works well under pressure..

..or not so much.

Code for procrastinator.

Easily distracted.

Read a third of my sister’s friend’s book about meth: “Crank”.  Want to read the rest of it.

Caffeine overload.  Dr. Pepper addict.

A little jumpy.

Ok, a lot.

Listening to Haydn sonatas.

Not helping with the “Wicked” lyrics stuck in my head all day.

Or the nerves.

Back to work.

Just a few more weeks.


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2 responses to “Works well under pressure..

  1. Kristina

    My mom’s quilting group did this really cool exchange project. I thought of you immediately and thought it would be fun for us to send back and forth. Leave me your email somewhere and I’ll send you the details 🙂

  2. bronzedshoe

    I agree with the whole not working well under pressure thing. Some people can put off papers until the last minute, then pull all-nighters writing them. They thrive in that kind of environment and end up writing better. Me- not so much.

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