Team Edward

Oh yeah..that’s what I’m talking about..



So this morning, I watched two episodes of Bonanza and then two episodes of Ugly Betty.  I made Christmas decorations (not finished, but terribly adorable).  I ate homemade brunswick stew for lunch, watched baton twirling videos on Youtube with my mom and sister.  Speaking of, some real life convos from today:

My mom (standing in front of open fridge):  What was I looking for?

Me:  Butter.

Mama:  Butter.


Mama: Did you give those things back to Ms Do-la-ly?

Sara: ???

Me:  Did you give the videos back to Mrs. Pam?

Mama:  It’s nice to have a translator around.


My sister has changed her career aspirations from FBI agent to probation officer (she can’t do push-ups, so she would never be able to get in the FBI.  It’s something of a genetic disorder; no one in my family can do a push-up).  My dad said something about her getting a pistol and her eyes lit up.  Then he started talking about taking her gun shopping like he did Wesley.  He asked me if I wanted a gun, too, and I said yes.  My mom said that I couldn’t have a gun because I’m too nice and would get it taken away and wouldn’t be able to shoot anybody.  I told her that I was mean, but I don’t think I was very convincing, even when I practiced with the hot glue gun.

But when I move out, I am getting a gun.  For the snakes.  And the escaped convicts.  You laugh, but it happens more often than you would think.


My sister is bedazzling her uniform..

Guns and sequins..sometimes my life is like an episode of Reba..


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