Week of Bread: Day 1

So, finals week* seemed as good a time as any to start a new baking experiment/challenge.  I’m going to try a different bread recipe every day this week.


I first made this monkey bread way back when, and I pulled it out again today, much to my sister’s delight.  For this batch I used crescent rolls instead of jack biscuits (refrigerator biscuits), because that’s what I had.  And I know that monkey bread is probably a loose definition of bread, but see above.  That’s all I had.  I’m going to the store tomorrow.  There will be yeast and flour involved soon, I promise.  Maybe some kneading.  Or not..


A couple of my antique mall treasures:  the little bookcase was only $20, and it’s holding my favorite books and most of my series books.  It was chipped and faded red, but I get kinda obsessed and impatient and i-want-it-finished-right-now with projects like this, so I painted it Saturday afternoon (oh my gosh, it was cold outside).

The story behind the squirrel nut dish:  I was walking around the antique mall for the second day in a row, getting back towards the part I hadn’t seen the day before, when I saw this little cutie.  And I stopped short, because I could have sworn that I had seen a nut dish just like this on some super cute design blog in someone’s apartment or on a list of gift ideas for a lot of money.  I was convinced that I had seen it online, and that I had really liked it when I saw it.  So I took a loop around a dozen more booths and came back around.  Still wanted it.  It was only $4.  So I grabbed it and clutched it as I walked back through the mall (this is a fabulously huge antique mall, but I don’t know how the building is still standing; it’s burning up hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter; last week there were buckets everywhere catching the raindrops, and the floor is dangerously squeaky and weak, I thought I was going to fall through; the stairs are scary).  So I meandered back towards the front, gripping my little squirrel, making small talk about knitting lessons with my elementary school bff’s mom (random, I know) (Jordan’s mom, by the way), and circled back through the booth with my little bookcase.  That’s when I saw it.  The exact replica of my nut dish, in a slightly lighter glaze, for $8.  I was suddenly confused.  Did I really see this online, or did I see it here, yesterday, and imagine that it was online?  That’s the problem when you procrastinate on home design blogs for hours.  Did I really like this thing for what it was, or because I thought it was in some stylish person’s house and it cost a lot of money?  I decided that I really, really liked it, never mind where I first saw it.  When I have a house, it will sit in my living room holding nuts.  My mom thinks it (and I) am silly and that I shouldn’t go back to the antique mall.  She’s right.  But c’mon.  This is just fun.


I think this little squirrel is all set for winter.

*Actually, I’ve always kinda liked finals week.  Long days of nothing to do but study and take study breaks…no projects or papers or work or annoying things like class to distract you..It’s really not that bad, and after my two tests tomorrow morning it’s pretty much over..



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2 responses to “Week of Bread: Day 1

  1. Whitney

    I totally know which antique place you are talking about…and I love going there, too. I really like going by myself because it is kind of relaxing to just walk around and imagine what you can do with all the things before you.

    And I really like the squirrel dish. A lot.

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