Week of Bread: Day..umm..Two??

So I actually did make this bread on Tuesday, but I was kinda frustrated by the results and my inability to do satin stitch (whole other story and project) so I didn’t blog about it.  Or make any more bread.  It’s hard to make more bread when what you just made didn’t get eaten.  Or even tried, except by me.  My family is..tolerant..at best about my cooking experiments.


This is dill bread.  It wasn’t bad, exactly..just weird..


In other news, this week, because I’m apparently 86 years old and it is 1973, I’ve been thinking about taking up needlepoint.

Also, I was looking at a wedding magazine yesterday (I had this really random urge to plan my wedding? I don’t know why), and I saw a couple of dresses that I really liked.  I went online (the first one is my favorite; it’s hard to see in that picture, but the bottom part reminds me a little of Alabama Chanin) to see who made them, and they were both Oscar de la Renta and about $10,000 each.  Which I found pretty amusing.  Because, of course, it is just typical me.  Champagne taste, beer budget as my mom always says.


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  1. Betsy,
    I would definitely eat your dill bread. Have a happy weekend, too!

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