Better late than never..

For the Christmas Home Tour..

My favorite of the outside decorations:


Most of our decorations are older than me, including this angel:


The stockings my mom made for me and my siblings:


I love this guy:



So my mom is pretty into cows:


This bell was in my great-grandmother’s house–it plays “Jingle Bells” (very, very slowly and weakly) when you pull the string:


Rodney is the reindeer is very beloved; he has been around since my parents were dating (he came from Burger King):


One of my very, very favorite things–my mom made this for my dad the Christmas when they were wasn’t long before she got it back:


And the countdown is on–when we were little, my brother and sister and I would fight over who got to move the mouse each day–sometimes it got moved three times a day!  Have you seen “Four Christmases”?  This exact calendar was hanging in the kitchen of Brad’s dad’s house:




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4 responses to “Better late than never..

  1. Your home looks beautiful and I thought the bike was very cool! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. I love your bike with the ornaments in it. Beautiful! Thanks for letting me stop by!


  3. The bicycle outside is such a cool idea. It looks like Christmas is coming all nice and cozy indeed.

  4. omg…i have that EXACT SAME MOOSE! my parents couldn’t remember where it came from, but it was my favorite toy when i was a toddler, and it sits on my desk at work now. awesome!

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