Out with the old..

Hello dears..it’s been longer than I planned since I last posted..I have soo much to share, I just don’t know where to start.  I think, however, for today I’m just going to do a little refresher of the highlights of this past year.


Being a kid again with my cousins..


Yes, we still hunt Easter eggs..we didn’t want to..but we do it for our grandmother.


Going to the beach..yea-yah!

Starting this blog.


The perfect day–celebrating a good friend’s birthday..




Josh Turner concert..this picture is still my laptop background..

The most popular post so far.

Teaching at the ESOL summer camp..Looking at pictures of those sweet kids makes me smile..


The Kenny Chesney concert!  (and getting to go for free!)


The best 20th birthday a girl could ask for..this part is further chronicled over here..


Going back to the beach!!

Trip to IKEA and the great room re-do..

Dinner parties and birthday parties and shopping and books and movies and knitting.  Making monkey bread and straight A’s (!)..It really has been a good year.  See you in ’09!


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