I love rainy days

The grayer, the better.  And the Twilight soundtrack is the perfect background music..It’s not my usual kind of music (i.e. country), but I really like it, and it’s perfect for this weather.

I also love pita bread!  I remember the first time I ever had it–it was in my Wednesday night class at church; I was probably about 10 years old.  We were talking about the Lord’s Supper and we ate pita bread and drank grape juice.  Since then, I’ve loved to eat it with tuna salad.  Last weekend I read this, and yesterday afternoon I tried it.


With pretty good success for the first time.  My pitas puffed inconsistently, but they were, and are, delicious.  I ate one warm and plain, made half of one into pita chips (brush with olive oil, sprinkle with salt, and bake until crispy), and filled another half with homemade tuna salad.


Today I made another one into a mini pizza.  This would be so much fun for a party–make the pitas ahead of time, and just let everyone create their own pizza..soo yummy!


So, homemade pita bread–two thumbs up..It’s really about the same difficulty as pizza dough, not that hard..But so worth it–no more of those stiff, dry, store bought pitas for me, when I can have soft, warm pita bread!


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  1. naopazzo

    Looks so delicious really.

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