What I’ve Been Up To..



1.  Anne of Windy Poplars by L.M. Montgomery–I got the Anne series in a boxed set for Christmas.  I read the first one as a kid, but I never read any of the others, and I’m loving them!!

2.  Anne’s House of Dreams by L.M.M.

3.  Cath Kidston’s In Print–A library book

4.  Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver–This book has changed the way I think about food and eating–really great and highly recommended–another library pick, but I want my own copy now!

5.  Anne of Ingleside by L.M.M.–I think I like the ones with younger Anne better, when she was closer to my age..

6.  Miss Buncle’s Book by D.E. Stevenson–Another library book that I now want to own–completely brilliant and hilarious!

Currently reading and loving: The Diary of a Provincial Lady by E.M Delafield–very funny!

Movie watching–thanks to a Blockbuster gift card and a library card, haven’t spent any money in this department, either.  I’ve got a stack of movies ready for a marathon this weekend.

Yesterday was devoted to cleaning out my closet.  I moved all my craft supplies to the attic, in a symbolic ‘will have no time to craft in the next four months’ move.  Today I went back and got my fabric and embroidery floss.  Got a project or two on deck to work on while watching 5 hours of “Pride and Prejudice” and 5 Cary Grant movies.  I’ve also been knitting..Belinda is coming along, slowly but surely..

My four week vacation has dwindled to four days..I’m trying to talk myself up about going back to school, but I’m still not.quite.ready..Still, determined that I’m going to work really hard and have a less self-induced-stressed semester.

But for the next four days, I’m going to play!



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5 responses to “What I’ve Been Up To..

  1. wedontchoose

    Wayyyyy cute rain-avoidance outfit. I have a question for you… For my English Lit class, we have to read a Jane Austen book. I consider you the foremost expert on this subject, so which novel do you recommend?

  2. Play away! Those are the cutest boots!

  3. Kristina

    I was wearing my polka-dot rain boots with my pants cuffed up like that when my dad and I went for breakfast this morning, and he made fun of me!

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  5. nectaryne

    I re-read the Anne books every year or so and I always like the ones where she is close to my age best. My particular favorite volume has changed over time as I grew up, fell in love and had children of my own. Hope you enjoy the last couple of books!

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