You Would

So, you know how I said that I started back to school on Monday?  Yeah, I don’t go back until tomorrow..Would have been a funnier story had I actually showed up at class at 8:00 yesterday morning, but I figured it out on Saturday, so you miss out on that chance to laugh at my goofiness..


I filled a new binder with paper, skipped forward a month in my planner, and outfitted a cute little zipper pouch (perk of having a friend who gets Vera Bradley freebies at work) with the various things that I thought might come in handy this semester: pens and pencils of course (2 blue ink, 1 black, 2 mechanical), extra lead, highlighter, paper clips (clipped together in a chain, to make them easier to get a hold of), rubber bands, paper tape measure from IKEA, germ-x antibacterial wipe, mini post-it pad..a stapler would probably be the most useful thing I could put in there, but it wouldn’t fit, nor would a 3-hole punch, so I make due with things that I most likely won’t need..


Speaking of mini post-its, the strip of space in front of my laptop has become a landing place for the little things..They hold words and phrases relevant only to me: chartreuse and slate blue, $1245, library & blockbuster, 2 hanks 2 ply jade sapphire, krylon indoor-outdoor gloss & pg dividers, Ps 90:14, Singer 7430, and so on..

A note about the’s something my friend Stephen (that first “e” is as in “egg”, not “Easter”, and once you’ve been corrected you better get it right) says in “you would get all your school supplies ready the night before classes start..and then take a picture of them and post it on the internet..”


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  1. Kristina

    I have a back to school treat all packed up for you. Send me your address! Hope the first day back was awesome!

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