So I was going to rename this the Tuesday blog, because that seems to be the only day I’ve been posting, but haven’t even been doing that recently..sorry, guys.  You wouldn’t have wanted to read a post from this past Tuesday anyway, as I was pretty stressed and it wouldn’t have been pretty.  Or full of love, as I am feeling tonight.

First of all, love for these shoes.  I got the newest Anthropologie catalog in the mail this week, and I have been obsessing about these shoes ever since.  I’m going to save my money and buy them for this summer, I think..  Mauve or black, mauve or black??

And more love for this dress, which I totally want to make to wear with those shoes.  And which I totally could make, since I now have a sewing machine!!  She is my new bff, and I promise to tell you all about her very soon.  So I’m thinking of that dress, in maybe an Anna Maria Horner fabric..

And where, you may be wondering, am I planning on wearing all this lovely stuff..Well..maybe to the wedding of these two cuties, my cousin Josh and my soon-to-be cousin Amy, who I think are hoping to get married this summer.

Like I said, love, love, and love in this post.


In the meantime, I just have to  (a) save a whole lotta money for those shoes (b) get good enough at sewing to make a dress that looks good on me and (c) lose some weight so that I can make a dress that looks good on me.  Next week, I hit the gym!  And blog, some more..

P.S.  One of my next projects: this skirt–so, soo pretty!!


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  1. Kristina

    mmmm… love that dress! I want one too! It would be awesome for spring break.

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