More shoes


August 1995

A little more budget-friendly, today.  These shoes remind me of being 7 years old and going on (a rare) vacation to Cherokee, North Carolina.  I was in my Pocahontas phase at the time, and had some long black braids and a t-shirt printed with feathers.  That summer, everything I got for my birthday was Pocahontas themed–sheets, teddy bear, clothes.  I’ve noticed that Indian-y themed shoes, moccasins and such, seem to be coming back in style, at Target at least.  (sidenote-could i have used anymore commas in that last sentence?  goodness..)

I could definitely see myself wearing those brown sandals this summer, with blue jean shorts and smock-ish tank tops.  Not necessarily stylish, I don’t think, but definitely my style.


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