Now, why am I doing this?

Sometimes, I wonder why I am doing this.  Really, aren’t there so many other things I could be doing with my time?  Like, homework, for example?  And it’s not like I’m putting a lot of effort into it; when things get busy, it’s the first thing to go (i.e., this past month).  Then..I get a little reminder in my mailbox..




How beautiful is this scarf!!  Kristina made it for me–isn’t she the greatest?!  That’s right, she is.  Kristina was my very first blog friend, and what a good friend she is.  I don’t want to take this pretty, soft scarf off.  If you’d asked me two hours ago, I would’ve told you that I was ready for spring to come and stay, but now I’m wanting it to get cold again, so that I can wear this beauty!  Thanks, Kristina!!

P.S.  In defense of these dark pictures, I give you the view outside my window while I was taking them (right now, half an hour later, I see blue skies and sunshine, but it was Storming with a capital S a few minutes ago).




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2 responses to “Now, why am I doing this?

  1. Kristina

    I’m glad it made it! I knew that color would be great on you 😀

  2. Whitney

    Oh that’s awesome! Very nice!

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