thinking about shoes

what else is new? I would have a post about something different, but I don’t feel like going through the process of uploading pictures to the computer and then on instead, i’m being lazy..

how awesome are these shoes??  and why do i like such expensive shoes?

I ordered Heather Ross’s book, “Weekend Sewing” and it should be here hopefully by tomorrow.  From looking at things like this I’m pretty sure I’m going to find lots to make.  And I want a new pair of shoes for this summer.  I’m thinking maybe Keds. 

so tell me if this is a lame idea:

I just finished reading “Inkheart”, and I know the movie’s coming out sometime..soonish?  What if we went to go see the movie, and then went back to my house and made personal pita pizzas (ohmygoodness, soo good), ate other food from books, and had our own little book making workshop?  Umm..this only makes sense if you’ve read/heard about “Inkheart”, which is very much about books.  and if you live in the same state as me.  I think it sounds like fun, but I also think that a certain friend of mine is going to suggest we do exactly what I’ve outlined, except we go see a chick flick and eat pasta and chocolate covered strawberries instead, and not make books.  If you know who I mean.  Which would still be fun, but has nothing to do with the whole bookish-themed party I have in mind.  And is rather like every other dinner party we’ve had.

so, in summary (of my life, basically): i like books, and shoes, and I’m ready for summer.  the end.


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  1. wedontchoose

    Ummm…you had me at “book party.” Count me in. We’ll just tell Hannah that it is a chick flick… 🙂

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