When she wanna rock, she rocks..

When she wanna roll, she rolls

She can roll with the punches long as she feels like she’s in control..


Whenever I’m driving to school on days that I hafta teach a lesson, I have to listen to really loud, upbeat music to get myself ready.  Today I taught homonyms and homophones to 2nd graders, and here’s what got me ready:

Get Pumped! (Mini)Playlist

-Rock & Roll-Eric Hutchinson (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 soundtrack)

-Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)-Beyonce (I Am…Sasha Fierce)  (I am..on a serious Beyonce kick here lately)

-Run and Tell That-Elijah Kelly (Hairspray soundtrack)

-My Declaration-Eliza Bennett (Inkheart soundtrack) (repeat until you get there) (This is my new favorite song.  Comments: Why didn’t my parents name me after a Jane Austen heroine?  After seeing the music video for this song, I want to see the movie even more than I did before, and apparently, it came out in theaters a month ago?  But not here?  Confusion..)


I neeeeddd some new music recommendations–I’m getting sick of the stuff on my ipod–got anything good for me?

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One response to “When she wanna rock, she rocks..

  1. Kristina

    The Allman Brothers are on the top of my playlist right now. Oldies but goodies. Download “Jessica,” “Sweet Melissa,” and “Midnight Rider” to get you started 😉

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