Don’t judge a book by its cover

Endpapers, on the other hand, are fair game.100_3563

Were it not for these lovely endpapers, I probably would have put this worn, stained, slightly smelly book back on the library shelves.  I’m glad I didn’t.

This is Because of the Lockwoods by Dorothy Whipple, who I knew about from my beloved Persephone Books.  Her great rep and the illustration above prompted me to check out the book.


I may have been the first person to read it since 1968.  Don’t you love inscriptions like these?  What, I wondered, could be on page 43?


“Mrs. Lockwood had actually found herself thinking what she was saying and of course that ruined conversation.”

Putting personal adversion to old books aside, I am going try to buy a used copy of this book, if I can find the right edition.  See if your library has it; I’m sure you’ll love it.  Just look past the cover.  (Hint to Whitney: Your library has it.  Fic Whipple.)

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  1. I love reading the inscriptions inside old books. My favorite one is inside a book called The Home Has A Heart by Thyra Ferre Bjorn (a lucky find at the used book store). It reads: To the sweetheart of my home, my darling wife Vera – From Harry on Mother’s Day 1972.

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