The _____ ______ Book Club


Last night I watched “The Jane Austen Book Club” (which is not a bad movie, although parts of it really frustrate me [teacher-student relationships, and having seen how screwed up that is in real life]).  However, it did make me want to be in a book club again.  One different from the one I was in in high school.  I just like how, in the movie, they built that kind of community around the common theme of Jane Austen’s books.  And I like how the characters’ lives mirrored the lives of the book they were assigned to.  And I liked the porch swing at what’s-her-name, the blond girl’s house.  And I love, love, love Hugh Dancy’s character.  He is my favorite.

So I was thinking, I want to be in a book club and meet once a month and have food and talk about a good book.  I know that I am really good at thinking up these potentially great ideas and planning everything out and never putting it into action, but this I think could be fun.  But what books to do?

See, I am really into this specific genre of the women’s novel from 1900ish-1960ish, and I want to talk about these books, but no one else has ever heard of them.  So how about the Persephone Books Book Club (and take turns picking a different book from the list)?  The Other Elizabeth Taylor Book Club?  The Frances Hodgson Burnett Book Club (and then a trip to Knoxville to see where she lived)?  The Dorothy Whipple Book Club?  A Summer Book Club (Summer at Tiffany’s, The Summer Book, etc)?

I think the problem would be finding enough people interested in doing it; I can only think of one or two.  And, of course, finding the time to do it.  Most of the books can be gotten pretty easily though inter-library loans (a.k.a. i.l.l. a.k.a. my b.f.f.)

So anyway.  I don’t know.  What do you think?


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2 responses to “The _____ ______ Book Club

  1. aprilbapryll

    I devour books so the one time I was in a book club was in 5th grade and I dropped out because we were reading Jane Eyre and they wouldn’t let me read more than one chapter a week. I read all sorts of books, but I’ve never read of much what you mentioned up there … may have to check out some of them! Thanks! (I’m here via that next button up top).

  2. Just found your blog from Persephone Post – love the shot of your bookcase, especially since possibly my all-time-favourite-book is there: EMD Provincial Lady. And Rebecca and Suite Francaise and The Other Elizabeth Taylor… all wonderful.

    Oddly enough, in about half an hour’s time I am off to a Persephone Book Group! They’ve just started one in Oxford, where I live, which is great and should be fun…

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